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    Landescape is the beginning of what begun before.




Landescape has been thought in 2003, at home in Capua. I wanted to collect songs from the previous 7 years. Since then I started recording home demos of all the tracks later included into the album. In three months I recorded Landescape (DEMO), packaged, sealed and sent around waiting for people response or reviews. After seven months, from January 2004, Rock-it reviewed Landescape (DEMO) and I was given a couple of indie labels contacts. One of those was I dischi de L'amico Immaginario. Late 2004 I went to Turin to meet them and after that we decided to Record the Album. It took several months to be finished.
In April 2006 the album was released and very well welcomed by indie magazines such as Rumore, Blow-up and Freak-out.
Still today, I want to thank people who supported me then. Such a beautiful experience that still has got echoes...


released April 6, 2006

Produced by Giasone and The Huge
Recorded at: Garage Ermetico



all rights reserved


The Huge |Plomitallo| Italy

The Huge is a song writer. Music is his greatest passion. He started playing and writing songs at the age of 8 after a beautiful childhood he enjoyed in the south of Italy. In a few years, he has developed a very personal style, always rethinking the artistic approach to his work. He loves taking photographs and shooting videos, as he considers these closely related to his former passion, drawing. ... more

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Track Name: Winter Out In My Summer
Winter Out In My Summer

Gentle piss of life we're heading to mountains of sugar well each time they're in front of us, all the time eating the sweet cake. Something wrong makes me spin/ I fell like spinning off somewhere. Has anyone heard my crying eyes?/ No one but me, no one but us. Winter out in my summer.

Winter o u t in my summer

Fool friend of mine /that's me/ we've cooked expired food. We're gladly sat down to feed our minds. Ok life, are you ready to love? Gentle piece of life, I'm falling down skyscrapers of sand. Why the hell did you bring me upthere? Something wrong broke me down/ I feel like blowing away. Has anyone heard my trembling voice? No one but me, no one but us. Winter out in my summer. I am in the right pose. Please kill me, just kill me.
Track Name: Don't Pull Me Down
Don't Pull Me Down

Sorry for my misunderstanding, you can complain if you wish. This room has a hundred curtains, the worms don't poison me anymore. I barely find water I wish I were more confident. But this room has a hundred insanities, I know I'm fainting, I know...
Don't pull me down Don't let me die.
I scarsely see my days ahead, I suddenly fall at your command. But this room has a hundred insanities. In a sea of bubbles, in my innocent caress. But what do I fight for?

April 2002
Track Name: 3:40 p.m.

Saturday afternoon in spring, we're free to run free into this open field over the hill. we're little children. Don't mind the rain won't fall, look at the clock, it's still, still.

It's three and forty p.m. the wind blows you play and run. Don't cry little girl if your leg hurts, your tears are beautiful pearls. We'll be playing for ever on this ground, you don't mind what mama said. So happy for the love we receive, pure incredible power ready to live, friend for ever, this is an everlasting love! You're too much pretty and pure.

But this day won't end, the big plump clouds that you want to eat. Are you ready for launch? look at the clock!!.
Track Name: Fancy Me
Fancy me
(G. Plomitallo)

I won't be there kissing ya, something cropped up. I'm so bad that you naroow down the possibility to love me. I'm here stopping up, watching you staring at me. But I'm ready to see ya, wave me off at your front door.

Get on...get to...get on with me. Cozy up to me, cozy up to me

Hang on, hang on, just fancy me. Cozy up to me, cozy up to me.

All you do is dumming up, I don't know what to tell. So it's always me to lose out. You can match up my heart with yours. I'm dying out as human race. I'm so small to grab you to me. I'm delirious, that's too much for me.
Track Name: A Stone Thrown
A stone thrown

A stone thrown, you'll be watching me. I'm better known as a blanket for your knees. Through the smile that we lost someday, through the smile we'll never have again.

You'll be watching, you'll be looking at me.

A stone thrown, you'll be watching me.

I'm better known as a bracelet for your wrist.
Track Name: I Built A House
I Built A House

I'll build a house near the sea where the clouds are always fat and white. I'll ride the wind coming from the rocks. I'll roast a fish at the sunset. But the summer nights keep waiting to come and the buds sleep tight with the winter dawn. I hold you tight by the sea, these days of happiness here to come. We're lost in such a beauty. The time is now, stuck in this moment. But the summer wings are just half shut cos the spring buds lay down in the winter ground. I've built a house by the sea where the clouds are always fat and white. I'll keep the wind coming from the woods.

The time is now, the time is now.
Track Name: Cups Of Tea
Cups of tea

We'll meet downtown tomorrow, I'll have big sun glasses. 4 rings on my left hand and a very fashonable suit. Sure you'll recognise me, I'm a very very important person. I want the top of your choise, remember this, this.

Bring that girl to me mate, bring that girl to me friend, I'll give back some money, don't worry about the payment.

Think we could be friend, Do you know what I mean gal. I'll give some love, but please gimme the best you can. The best you can.

Fill some pure pleasure girl, I'll give you all the best. Has that friend talked 'bout me?? Pure entertainment we'll discover tonite.

I'll give a proof, I'll tell ya a story. This could be the start but I have no time for that, no, no, no, nooo!!!
Track Name: Always

You count on me one hundred times
I sit and wait for your loving smile

Don't panic me with all this stuff
I wonder if you like to fight /against me/

Always in time to love you, always in time to forget you.
Always in time to please you, always in time to forgive it

Just let me be always fine
It's a matter of fact staying close to my honey

I fill my love with so much singing
It's interesting how you follow me
Just let me be always fine
It's a matter of fact staying close to my honey

I fill my love with so much singing
It's interesting how you follow me
Track Name: Foam

We were supposed to get there, in the middle of the night. We were happy for our holiday to begin. The silence of the sea was whispering a message to me. Sudden under the waves the touch of your arms. Safe, loved, hug. For everything we do is beautiful, I'll die for your happiness. In the name of your words I'll take care of your breath.The sea water was so tepid. Dark, long, deep. We fell asleep without catching the fragrance of the new day coming.
Track Name: I Sing Goodbye
I Sing Goodbye

And I sing this song to say goodbye, I sing every moment of this life.

And each time you'll see mee I'll write a song for thee.

And I beg your pardon, pity oh my Lord. And I sing this song cos I say goodbye.