"How Old Are You​,​Dad​?​" "37"

by The Huge |Plomitallo|

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The to-and-fro here-and-there album collects songs from almost two decades. As in the previous albums, songs have been chosen from different years including new ones as well.
I don't mind if the "sound quality" may be poor for some of you. This has a live approach.
The album title comes from a question I asked my father some time ago in the past.
Thank you for listening and sharing.
This could potentially be a chart album but it won't and don't ask me why.
The Huge

Recorded live with Zoom H4n


released April 1, 2012

Front Cover: Cinzia Ratto

Darkness and then light, at times faded, at times intense, lighten up the abandoned spaces of an old factory, the location of the new video for "Everybody Loves" by TheHuge, Gianluca Plomitallo. Inside the walls of the building, the world takes on different nuances, sounds alternate with words , vibrating between the senses and the heart. Flavours, perfumes, colours, landscapes and flowers with their extraordinary sensorial intensity transform into a new and unexpected state of mind. People and nature meet, woe and happiness are joined inseparably in the memory of the past and childhood. A lost age, but not forgotten, a time that is no longer with us but is very much alive inside. The emotions of childhood, fixed in our mind, are seen to return so naturally in the close-ups of faces, though grown up, when an old teddy bear or a favourite doll come into sight. Everything changes, changed, but, between delusion and hope, stays impressed in our hearts for ever. This is the main theme of TheHuge's new album, out on 1st April 2012. The singer, also on the drums, on bass, on the piano, takes his foot off the brakes, in the name of absolute independence, as well as from a creative point of view. The result is a vibrant opera that matches new pieces with works from the past, like "A Minute Left", 2001, which confirms how life can change, leaving sentiments and sensations unaltered. "I Fear People" then "Those Hills of Sadness" hold strong the bond with nature. The title of this new production takes us straight back to being children: "How Old Are You Dad? 37". The artist asked his own father this question, the way only children do, so naturally and spontaneously, and it comes back to mind in such a whirlpool of memories no-one can cancel.
A.Mecca (J.Woodhouse)

Il buio e poi la luce. A tratti tenue, a tratti intensa, illumina i locali dismessi di una vecchia fabbrica, ambientazione del nuovo video di 'Everybody loves' di TheHuge, Gianluca Plomitallo. Tra le pareti del fabbricato, il mondo assume nuove sfumature, i suoni si alternano alle parole, vibrando tra le orecchie e il cuore. Sapori, profumi, colori, terre e fiori con la loro straordinaria intensità sensoriale si traducono in uno stato d'animo nuovo e improvviso. L'uomo e la natura si incontrano, la malinconia e la felicità si legano indissolubilmente nel ricordo del passato e dell'infanzia. Un'età perduta, ma non dimenticata, un tempo che non c'è più, ma che rimane vivo nel profondo. Le emozioni della fanciullezza, impresse nella memoria, rivivono sui volti in primo piano, ormai cresciuti, riaffiorano con naturalezza alla vista di un vecchio orsacchiotto di peluche o della bambola preferita. Tutto cambia, si trasforma, ma rimane impresso per sempre nel cuore, tra disillusione e speranza. E' questo il fil rouge del nuovo album di TheHuge, in uscita il 1 Aprile 2012. Qui il cantante, impegnato anche alla batteria, al basso, al pianoforte, abbandona tutti i freni, in nome di una totale indipendenza, anche da un punto di vista creativo. Il risultato è un lavoro vibrante che accosta inediti a brani del passato, come 'A minute left', pezzo del 2001 che ribadisce come la vita possa cambiare, lasciando immutati sentimenti e sensazioni, oppure come 'I fear people', e ancora, 'Those hills of sadness', nel quale forte è il legame con la natura. A dare il titolo a questa nuova produzione, una frase che fa tornare immediatamente bambini: 'How old are you, Dad? 37'. Una domanda posta dall'artista al proprio padre, con la spontaneità e la naturalezza tipica dei bambini, che dopo anni riaffiora alla sua mente, in un turbinio di ricordi ed emozioni che nessuno può cancellare.
A. Mecca

Written, sung, played and produced by Gianluca The Huge Plomitallo

The Huge: upright piano, electric piano, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, accordion an d musch more

Fabio Disappearing Giobbe: acoustic guitars & electric guitars on tracks 3,4

Mauro Mandaglio: acoustic guitars &electric guitars on tracks 2,7

Fabio Dotti: bouzouki on track 9 & upright bass on track 8

Fabrizio Buttò: trumpet on track 1 & muted trumpet on track 8

Silvio de Rosa: bass on track 1,4

Nicola Arata: acoustic guitars on track 1,6

Marco Disappearing Normando. bass on track 2,3,7

Elia Moretti: drums on track 8

Minù: unconscious noise

A very special thank to: Nicola Arata for his great passion and great friendship. Nicole for her love to me and the freshness of her immaculate soul. Francesco Plomitallo and Fabio Giobbe for their unbelievable love and example. Alessandra Mecca and Jean Woodhouse for their help on communication. Cinzia for her Beautiful front cover. My Dad and Mum for their PRESENCE. Happy to say that the list of people I care is so long.
Thank you everybody.
If you consider this a present, this is, again and again, the beginning of something new to share.



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The Huge |Plomitallo| Italy

The Huge is a song writer. Music is his greatest passion. He started playing and writing songs at the age of 8 after a beautiful childhood he enjoyed in the south of Italy. In a few years, he has developed a very personal style, always rethinking the artistic approach to his work. He loves taking photographs and shooting videos, as he considers these closely related to his former passion, drawing. ... more

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Track Name: Everybody Loves
Everybody Loves

Those windows are non more windows
There is no door to escape

Those trees are non more trees
There are no leaves, here no more.

Have a road in the dark
There’re no voices anymore

Everybody loves

Used to be a town, once a town
Where the crowds used to talk

Abandoned cars and bus stops
There’re no shadows form the shops

Worn out posters on the walls
There’re no blood leaks off the nails
Track Name: Those Hills of Sadness
Those Hills of Sadness

I live in a wonderful world
Just like in a peaceful love
Just like a Kid in the field
So small playing football

Can it be a sad song?
It's a cloudy sky but sudden comes the sun
Well, it's me
The shadows come and sudden escape from me

Those hills of sadness make me cry
(But my eyes can avoid them one more time)
Those hills of sadness and I feel so unsecure

I live in a wonderful world
Just like in a peaceful love
Just like a Kid in the field
So strong playing football

I live in a wonderful world
Well I live in a sad song
Could it be?
Could it be a song I write?
Those hills of sadness, I read it in my eyes
In my life
Of my Life
Track Name: I Fear People
I Fear People

I fear people
for the things I have known
I fear people
for the lies never gone (away)
I fear people
for the look I never learnt
I fear people
for the loss of human touch

I fear love
for the silence of your name
I fear love
for the tears I never cry
I fear love
for the roads I never choose
I don't fear love
'Cos you're close to me

I fear people
for the things I've never known
I fear people
for the tongues I never spoke
I fear people
for the lights we didn't turn on
I fear people
for the nights we didn't sleep

I feel love
cos you really have a name
I feel love
because my tears said it was true
I feel love
because you made me try
I feel love
cos you're close to me

I feel love
Have we ever shed a light?
I feel love
Have we ever left outside?
I feel love
Have we ever seen the sky?
Just feel love
Cos you're close to me
You are close to me
Track Name: The Ballad of Someone
The Ballad of Someone

A man painted his hand young
Prisoner in a cage of lead
Suddenly he became thin and
Entered gay but fearful

Giant the hand was,a little man as I told
The cage closed, he hanged and wicked

Your eyes were salvation
Fresh air after the storm
Light filtering clouds, irish
Red warmth but rose was your skin

It was very strange to see himself so unapt
He seemed suffer for something yet
Well he paid the condemn
That he,he,he wanted

Neither the wind dried that wet skin
Nor his tears saw on her skin

No sun could warm so much chill
His feet, his mind in the glass

Your eyes were salvation
Tepid air without storm
Light free of frenzy
Azure warmth, you love!

I’m anyone now
I’m anyone now
I’m anyone now.

Lyrics May 9th 1996
Music December 96
Track Name: Hey Boy
Hey Boy

I always Think about my past
When flowers grew on the grass
I used to walk on the clouds
I got my hopes in the stars

May I follow laughs by friends?
It's for sure a funny thing

I always Turn my face back
When girls were like little angels
I used to colour blank pages
Cos my life was out of the fence

May I sing a very sad song?
That for sure gets on well with me

I'm asking
I know I've got no answer
But the truth will come up some day
Track Name: A Minute Left
A Minute Left

What I say is that I'm not the best
But I can do the best I can
If I stayed outside the things around
I could probably watch the real effect of the actions

I change like the moon everynight
But inside I could be like the everyday sun
And these clouds want to cover this up
Better this way to think of me

A minute left
to me to
To do everything
what I do
Life in a minute a word expresses
My whole life

AMny worlds reign in a mind
Mine is like that
No borders
And they turn around
I'm black and grey but white in a minute

I change like the light in a day
But what I'm made of stays the same
So don't let me be what I'm not
The run of the Sun doesn't change
Track Name: There is Someone in the Room
There is Someone in the Room

Light out
And sit with me tonight
It was fourteen years ago
I can remember
Remeber very well

I saw smells, bats and a hot evening air
around me

There is Someone in the Room

Oh no, stop you boy
That I'm not for you
This room, your way, your eyes

such a misunderstanding
Track Name: On The Sea
On the Sea

I am without me these days
The world is out of sight
I'm trying to chill me out
I'm simulating your caress

Anyway the thing is I'm changing

I am walking on the sea
I am crying out my fears
I am painting my own sky
I am painting my own mine

I am without you these days
The world is out of sight
I'm trying to chill me out
I'm stimulating your caress

Own sky